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I am Still Here!

Five months. That is how long it has been since I last posted here. I hate when I don’t post, because that usually means I am not writing, or I have been stuck with writer’s block. In this case I suppose it is all the above coupled with busyness. So all excuses aside – here is a little about what I was doing, and what I am planning to do if the Lord wills. Continue Reading

Life Gets in the Way

Life gets in the way of me blogging regularly. I feel like I never take the time to actually just sit down and write.

I am going back to one of my favorite cities. My parents wanted to go to San Diego, and so dad asked if me and my younger sister wanted to tag along. Who can say no to a one week vacation by the ocean? Not me. So we will be heading down there at the beginning of March. I’ve not been on vacation with my parents in a really long time, so I am sort of looking forward to it.

I launched my online store for pacifier clips and baby headbands last week. It’s amazing how much sales have improved. You can find it at here.

I read through the book of  Galatians on the weekend. I always seem to pass over this book of the bible, so I made a point to read it fully and study it a bit. We could all learn something from what Paul wrote in the letter to the churches in Galatia.  He wrote the letter to  clarify and uphold the true gospel that we are justified by grace through faith without the works of the law. He wrote it to prevent Christians in Galatia from losing their faith and salvation, and his words are still true for us today.

This post is all over the place, but those are a few bits and pieces of last week! I am hoping to get a little DIY post up soon.


Blog All the Things.

So, I have failed big time. It has been over a week since I last wrote. I have fallen into a rut of old blogging habits, and for that I apologize! This post is going to cover all the little things I didn’t blog about due to life happening. I still haven’t done a Christmas post, which is pretty pathetic. After new years my grandmother passed away, so life has been in a bit of a jumble. I feel like I am now finally back to real life.

Christmas was a wonderful time with family and friends. If I ever had a relaxing Christmas break it was this year. I was so ready for it to start, and I was just as ready for it to end; there is something to be said about routine. Oh how I love routine. My parents went all out this Christmas in the gift department. WOW. It was almost too much awesome to handle. I got a Kelly Moore 2 Sues camera bag.  I very jokingly told my mom this is what I wanted when she asked me what I would love, but would never buy for myself. I never in a million years thought they would actually get it for me. My parents have always been the awesomest, but this took it to a whole new level. 😉 Not only did I receive the bag, but I also got a great new teapot, some winter shoes, and my dad got me a sweater. I got some other little things like chocolate and such. I love my parents, and the gifts I receive from them does not make the love better or worse, rather it reminds me that I have been so blessed in life, and my parents are one of the greatest blessings.

Now on to work. Work is very routine like lately. I went through some challenges right before the new year with new stuff at work, and now I have settled in again and it has all become normal again. I prefer doing my job well, and so I am happy all the kinks have been smoothed out again.

Sometimes when I feel like my brain needs a workout I decide to start learning something new. Last year I slowly starting reading a Ruby on Rails programming book, and lately I have been working through some of the stuff I learned and am still currently learning. I quickly discovered that I should probably refresh my (limited) knowledge of PHP as well. So I have been learning new things. It’s enjoyable, and maybe it will come in handy someday.

Healthy living is tough in this world. I have been continuing to do so to the best of my abilities. Last year was really successful, and I am hoping this year will be the same. I have actually not been going to the gym a whole lot this year, but I haven’t been skipping workouts. We have a great treadmill at home, so I have been jogging at home. I also have a spin bike, and some weight stuff, so I can get a great workout in at home. Going to the gym helps because it makes me go and do the workout after work everyday, but so far I have been consistent at home. I do miss the elliptical trainer though, so I have been going to use the one at the gym a few mornings a week as well.  I am excited for spring/summer/fall; having the option to walk/jog/run outdoors is always nice.

Enough of my rambling. Thanks to the few that visit my blog. My views have actually been going up a lot, but comments are still pretty low. Shoot me a comment if you stop by!




The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths . These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of  life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. 

-Elizabeth Kubler Ross


I love that quote, and it is something that I will always strive to be, but I always feel that the quote is missing something important… God. I want God to be the one to give me an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills me with love, compassion, and gentleness that enables me to help others wherever I am, and in my every day life. I have known some level of defeat, suffering, struggle, and loss, but I have never been able to find my way out of all of that without Christ. He is my ever present help, and He is the only reason that I will ever be able to come forward in beauty.

I often realize how much effort goes into physical beauty; clothes, hair, makeup, dieting ect. I am not saying that all of that is wrong, but I do believe that way too much emphasis is put on physical beauty.  People might try and tell me that I am just saying this because of  my physical attributes, and that is fine. I fully believe that God gave us our physical bodies  and that He intended for us to take care of them to the best of our abilities, and I try to do so.  Lately I have just felt God giving me a desire to strive more towards becoming beautiful through Him and my relationship with Him.

I hope that one day God will bless me with a husband if that is His will for me, and that the man He may bless me with will see the beauty I have through Christ. I want everything I do be glorifying to my Saviour and I hope to one day share that with someone. I know that without Christ working through me I cannot have the gentle and quiet spirit I need to be the person I want to be. I  want to serve my Saviour in a glorifying manner in all that I do no matter what it is, be it living my single life or sharing my life with someone . I want to focus on God and let Him be the center of my life and the reason for my beauty.

[Just a note: I had an extremely difficult time getting the words I was typing to match the ones in my head. I hope it makes enough sense.]