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I am Still Here!

Five months. That is how long it has been since I last posted here. I hate when I don’t post, because that usually means I am not writing, or I have been stuck with writer’s block. In this case I suppose it is all the above coupled with busyness. So all excuses aside – here is a little about what I was doing, and what I am planning to do if the Lord wills. Continue Reading

Selfish Writing

I have a craving to write today. I have a blog post that has been sitting unfinished for quite some time, but I am stuck, and I need to step away from it for awhile. Sometimes my thoughts form into to blog posts so freely, and I can barely get my fingers to type them out fast enough, other times, like the mentioned post, every word is a struggle. It is often through the difficult posts that the Lord shows me that I must humble myself before Him, and allow Him to teach me the lessons I sometimes feel I’ve already mastered.

When writing about my faith, which is the majority of my posts on here, I find that I have failed to prayerfully consider the things I am writing. There are times that I have started writing a post thinking “I bet this will get lots of attention“. Oh how self seeking we can be! I am glad that the Lord has been gracious enough to show me my selfish ways. It is a hard lesson to learn, and it is one I have to continue learning daily. I want the things I post to glorify Him that gives me the ability to write. I am not a super writer, and I know there are grammar police out there that would like to teach me a thing or two, but I trust the Lord will provide clarity and understanding to those that read. It is my prayer that my posts can be encouraging to those that read them. I love to hear thoughts from my readers. In the last while my views have gone up considerably, so I know you are out there; I would love to see some comments.

So, back to my craving to write… I am working on a post that should be up in a day or two!



Ugh, so I had to switch hosting for my site, and in the shuffle I have somehow lost all the photos in my posts. Seeing as a lot of my post were photo based, I have a lot of “empty posts”. Please bear with me as I try and get this resolved! Thank you!

Life Gets in the Way

Life gets in the way of me blogging regularly. I feel like I never take the time to actually just sit down and write.

I am going back to one of my favorite cities. My parents wanted to go to San Diego, and so dad asked if me and my younger sister wanted to tag along. Who can say no to a one week vacation by the ocean? Not me. So we will be heading down there at the beginning of March. I’ve not been on vacation with my parents in a really long time, so I am sort of looking forward to it.

I launched my online store for pacifier clips and baby headbands last week. It’s amazing how much sales have improved. You can find it at here.

I read through the book of  Galatians on the weekend. I always seem to pass over this book of the bible, so I made a point to read it fully and study it a bit. We could all learn something from what Paul wrote in the letter to the churches in Galatia.  He wrote the letter to  clarify and uphold the true gospel that we are justified by grace through faith without the works of the law. He wrote it to prevent Christians in Galatia from losing their faith and salvation, and his words are still true for us today.

This post is all over the place, but those are a few bits and pieces of last week! I am hoping to get a little DIY post up soon.


New Look, and New Beginnings

Well, if you have visited here in the past you will notice that I have changed things up a bit. I was ready for a new look, and new inspirations to keep blogging regularly. Lately my posts have been, well, sporadic.

With the new look I have also given myself a challenge. Blog more. Doesn’t sound very challenging? It is. I love checking the blogs I follow, and I am genuinely excited when I see they have a new post. I think blogging is a very interesting concept. I am literally letting you guys into my brain with every new post I put out.

I am hoping to journal and take some step by step photos of the DIY’s that I do. I will be posting more regularly, and with that will come more everyday photos.  I will be continuing my monthly updates, as these are a record for me to look back on, and they are important to me, even if all I write about are the three munchkins, or the amount of snow we got; that is my life. I will also be continuing my devotional journal writings. I love my heavenly Father, and a blog without the thoughts He puts in my trust is a blog without who I truly am. Without Him I am nothing, and I owe everything to Him!

With that I am going to sign off for the day. Take care of yourselves and those around you!