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My Thoughts on Summer Ready Bodies

According to my blog timeline, I started writing this post on March 11, 2015. To say that this one has been hard to write is an understatement, and I still feel I have not done an adequate job getting what is in my head into this post. It is my prayer that this post may encourage you.

“Summer ready body”; unless you are living under a rock you have heard this at some point in your life.  I have steered clear of any health and fitness websites and pages because I know that around summer time this phrase is plastered everywhere with pictures of as good as unclothed women. I have always struggled with this concept of urging women to shape up in time to flaunt their bodies in what I can only assume to be revealing summer clothes; why else does your “summer body”  need to be different from your “winter body”? I don’t know about you, but I have an all season body. This year I am more saddened by this concept, because I am seeing so many ladies that profess to be born again believers in Christ saying this, and falling for this phenomenon. Continue Reading

My Thoughts on Health and Fitness

To write about what I am planning to expound upon in this post is pretty out-of-place in today’s day. I have wanted to do this for such a long time already, but I put it off continually, but this morning I felt God knocking on the part of my head where this was sitting, and I felt the need to put it down in writing. Take it as some “food for thought”, if you will; it has a lot of calories, but they are the good kind, if you are worried about that kind of thing.

“How many calories does it have?”
“…Cutting out sugar.”
“I am starting a low carb diet.”
“Lifting weights won’t make you bulky.”
“I am doing it for myself.”

How many times have we heard these in conversation in the past months, weeks, or days? These days we can’t escape from this health craze. It is everywhere, and our eyes see it and ears hear it whether we want them to or not. Let me back up just a bit and say that I have zero problems with people wanting to take care of their physical bodies. As someone who has struggled with a weight problem most of her life I encourage it, and like to see people taking care of themselves, and I believe God has called us to do so.

Our bodies are not our own. Those of us that have the Holy Spirit in us are temples for the Holy Spirit, which we have received from God. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says:

“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

In these verses we are told to glorify God in our body, and I believe this would call us to take care of ourselves in the ways we best know how, but we are also called to glorify God in our spirit, for they both belong to God. I think we have mixed up the balance between these two requirements, and made our bodies our own. I hear it so often that people are working out, and eating a specific diet because they want to be healthy for their children, they want to look a certain way for their husbands, and they want to feel good about themselves. We somehow forget the part about glorifying God, and using our bodies for His Glory. If our motive is “ME!, ME!, ME!,” then there is not a lot of room left for God. Being healthy for your family is something that I think is a good thing, but I think we REALLY need to look at our underlying motives, and if God is not at the top of that list we are not glorifying Him to our full potential.

Matthew 6:33 says:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

We are called to seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness. I sometimes imagine a world where the amount of time spent on focusing on the spiritual state of our bodies was switched with the amount of time that is spent focusing on the physical health and fitness of our physical bodies. Can you imagine?!? We would be a spiritually filled people, clothed in humility and righteousness. In this health and fitness craze we are told to glory in OURSELVES; “Do what makes YOU feel good!”, “YOU deserve it!”, “YOU are worth it!”. There is no way that any of those ideas can help you focus on anything other than me, myself, and I.

With this attitude of self comes the need to document, and advertise what you are doing. How many status updates, videos, and pictures would you be posting daily if you advertised every time you were feeding on God’s word, singing praises to Him, or spending time in prayer? I cannot tell you how many plates of healthy food, muscle selfies, and workout status updates pop up in my news feed daily. I would be willing to bet that my news feeds would be a lot more empty if we were posting our spiritual “workouts”. (And no, I do not want to see you advertising your time with God, because that would be taking the Glory for yourself.)

I know that this might not be a popular opinion, or as I have experienced in the past, it might be liked by a lot of people. Let’s not just leave it at a “like”, let us examine our hearts, and make changes if they are necessary in our life. In the realm of eternity we can be as physically fit as possible, but if we are not “fit” in the Lord God we will be lost in hell for eternity. GOD deserves the Glory, and I guarantee you it will be worth it.