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Be Holy


But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”

1Peter 1:15-16

This verse was my least favorite for a very long time for the sole reason that it is the verse that commanded me to be something that came so very hard. How could I achieve holiness? The slightest interruption in my plans, or day would cause me to sink into a “this is not fair”, “how dare you” attitude. Most days I felt like the holiness that I was commanded to achieve was somewhere far in the depths of the milky way completely and utterly unattainable. God is holy, and I felt anything but that. Continue Reading



“Would you mind “baheeping” my potatoes when we are on our holiday?” (I believe the proper English term for this is ‘hilling potatoes’). This was asked by my mother, to which I responded, “yeah, sure”. So the day came where I decided it needed to be done, I filled my mason jar with water and headed out in the 30°C weather to work in the garden. To say I have a love/hate relationship with direct sunlight and sweltering heat is…well… a lie. I lack a lot of love in that scenario.

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Do What Makes You Happy?

Untitled-2Do what makes you happy? Is that a typo, you may ask. Nope, that question mark is there with a purpose. Unlike the ever so popular concept of doing whatever makes YOU happy, I am asking, and challenging you to question that concept and do something a little different, and not at all popular. Instead of focusing, and surrounding yourselves with objects, concepts, vision boards, and programs that make YOU happy, I want to suggest that you (myself included) start relaying this focus rather on doing what makes us holy.

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Was He God’s Best Friend?


I teach ages 8-10 in Sunday School, and I absolutely love it. Not only are the children great, but they teach me pretty great lessons as well. It is truly a joy spending an hour with these children each Sunday morning.

This past week we learned about Enoch, and the children were very intrigued when I told them that there was something very special about Enoch. We went on to read Genesis 5 which is an account of the genealogy of Adam. The boys responded in amazement at how old everyone got before they died, and wondered why we didn’t live that long anymore. One of the girls was very quick to tell them it was because we eat too much pizza. When we got to verse 21 the children were quiet, and knew the account of Enoch’s life had something special, but they didn’t understand. Continue Reading

We Will Stop

I have not been writing for some time. The amount of unfinished posts I have is quite frustrating, but as I went to complete them today I just didn’t have any words for the topics I had started. My mind kept coming back to the great faithfulness of God, and how I fail so often to give Him the praise He deserves, and requires of me. Continue Reading