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Deserts and Water Sources


I have been absent from this blog. I have left my series on the attributes of God hanging, and those of you who read diligently each time I post have not heard from me in almost a year. At first it was writers block, then it was busyness, and then my year just went a bit lopsided. This past year I have had some ups and downs. Continue Reading

Infinitude: Attributes of God – Part 1



A woman named Lady Julian once said this about the Trinity:

“Suddenly the Trinity filled my heart with joy. And I understood so shall it be in heaven without end”.

This quote struck me as I was contemplating God’s infinitude. My view of God and heaven are often lazy and utilitarian. The heaven that Lady Julian described is a step up from the heaven we hear people talking about that is filled with all sorts of earthly goods. Heaven will be heaven because the Trinity will fill our hearts. God the Father, Christ Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit; these are our everlasting love, joy and bliss. Continue Reading


The challenge I gave myself to write a weekly post failed miserably. I knew I shouldn’t have told my readers, as now you can see how terrible I am with sticking to a challenge. All things aside I do hope to write more, but I am not sure how often it will be, as I am hoping to write about the current study I am doing. Continue Reading

Like a Plant



I planted some mint seeds over a month ago. The seeds I placed in the dirt were like little dust particles. I had very little faith that anything would sprout. According to the package the seeds were to sprout in 7-14 days. On day 7 I was kind of disappointed that there was no sign of any growth, but by day 14 I saw a little green sprout. Every day since I have checked the plant, and every day I feel a little frustration that it is not growing a little faster. Continue Reading