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Like a Plant



I planted some mint seeds over a month ago. The seeds I placed in the dirt were like little dust particles. I had very little faith that anything would sprout. According to the package the seeds were to sprout in 7-14 days. On day 7 I was kind of disappointed that there was no sign of any growth, but by day 14 I saw a little green sprout. Every day since I have checked the plant, and every day I feel a little frustration that it is not growing a little faster.

Today as I was checking my plant I was about to throw it out, despite the little green sprout, but I stopped myself, because in that moment God placed in my heart a reminder of His mercy towards me. I became a Christian many years ago, and sometimes I still feel like a tiny green sprout, and not the mighty oak many would expect after many years. God’s mercy towards me as I slowly grow in my faith is unfathomable.

The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in mercy. -Psalm 103:8

The mercy and long-suffering of God has never been more than now, and it will never be less than now. Mercy is not something God has, but rather it is something God is. Therefore, if God is mercy, He has always been merciful, and will always be merciful, because God does not change.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. -Hebrews 13:8

As AW Towzer once said, ‘”The mercy of God is and ocean divine, a boundless and fathomless flood.” Let us plunge into the mercy of God and come to know it. I hope you believe this, because you’re going to need this mercy desperately if you don’t already have it.’1



1Moody Bible Institute, Attributes of God Volume 1, United States of America: Christian Publications Inc., 1997, pp 95

I am Still Here!

Five months. That is how long it has been since I last posted here. I hate when I don’t post, because that usually means I am not writing, or I have been stuck with writer’s block. In this case I suppose it is all the above coupled with busyness. So all excuses aside – here is a little about what I was doing, and what I am planning to do if the Lord wills.

This winter I took an 8 week online bible course called “Justified by Faith Alone” that focused on Martin Luther and the Reformation. This course was set up in a weekly format, and my homework had to be done by Saturday of each week. I have wanted to write about what I learned and studied. I have a notebook full of notes, questions, and answers, but it really needs to be combed through and put into a cohesive piece. As of now it looks a bit like my thoughts splattered across many pages. If I ever manage summarize what I learned I will definitely post it here.

My lack of posting has not been for lack of trying. I have 6 drafts sitting in a folder. Each one is a few paragraphs deep and unfinished. I have really been having writers block and I do not enjoy writing when it doesn’t flow naturally.

I would love to dedicate myself to at least 1 post a week. I think this is something I want to try to see where it goes. This is not set in stone, but rather a challenge to myself.

So that is what is going on. I hope to have a post up within the week!

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Be Holy


But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”

1Peter 1:15-16

This verse was my least favorite for a very long time for the sole reason that it is the verse that commanded me to be something that came so very hard. How could I achieve holiness? The slightest interruption in my plans, or day would cause me to sink into a “this is not fair”, “how dare you” attitude. Most days I felt like the holiness that I was commanded to achieve was somewhere far in the depths of the milky way completely and utterly unattainable. God is holy, and I felt anything but that. Continue Reading



“Would you mind “baheeping” my potatoes when we are on our holiday?” (I believe the proper English term for this is ‘hilling potatoes’). This was asked by my mother, to which I responded, “yeah, sure”. So the day came where I decided it needed to be done, I filled my mason jar with water and headed out in the 30°C weather to work in the garden. To say I have a love/hate relationship with direct sunlight and sweltering heat is…well… a lie. I lack a lot of love in that scenario.

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Do What Makes You Happy?

Untitled-2Do what makes you happy? Is that a typo, you may ask. Nope, that question mark is there with a purpose. Unlike the ever so popular concept of doing whatever makes YOU happy, I am asking, and challenging you to question that concept and do something a little different, and not at all popular. Instead of focusing, and surrounding yourselves with objects, concepts, vision boards, and programs that make YOU happy, I want to suggest that you (myself included) start relaying this focus rather on doing what makes us holy.

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