Selfish Writing

I have a craving to write today. I have a blog post that has been sitting unfinished for quite some time, but I am stuck, and I need to step away from it for awhile. Sometimes my thoughts form into to blog posts so freely, and I can barely get my fingers to type them out fast enough, other times, like the mentioned post, every word is a struggle. It is often through the difficult posts that the Lord shows me that I must humble myself before Him, and allow Him to teach me the lessons I sometimes feel I’ve already mastered.

When writing about my faith, which is the majority of my posts on here, I find that I have failed to prayerfully consider the things I am writing. There are times that I have started writing a post thinking “I bet this will get lots of attention“. Oh how self seeking we can be! I am glad that the Lord has been gracious enough to show me my selfish ways. It is a hard lesson to learn, and it is one I have to continue learning daily. I want the things I post to glorify Him that gives me the ability to write. I am not a super writer, and I know there are grammar police out there that would like to teach me a thing or two, but I trust the Lord will provide clarity and understanding to those that read. It is my prayer that my posts can be encouraging to those that read them. I love to hear thoughts from my readers. In the last while my views have gone up considerably, so I know you are out there; I would love to see some comments.

So, back to my craving to write… I am working on a post that should be up in a day or two!




  1. Sara, what a blessing it has been to me to sit up late tonight and read much of your writings (news of your blog came to me through the grapevine at a very fun gathering yesterday :).
    What a joy to see a young woman hungry to study the Word of God! It is a wonderful witness, and testimony of God’s promise to be faithful through all generations! May God bless you, and sustain you, as you continue to write. Keep seeking Him through prayer and through the reading of His Word… Write what He gives you, whether it is popular or not. You never know who He might have that is waiting to hear Him speak through your willingness to write.
    ~ your cousin, Lenora

    1. Lenora, I really appreciate your encouragement! It can be hard sometimes to write the things that are sometimes hard to share. May the Lord bless you, and your family!

  2. Sara I look forward to reading more of your writings! Keep trusting our Lord Jesus Christ and He will give you the words to share with others needing to learn the same lessons that you have already had.

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