Anniversary of My Birth

Today was the anniversary of the day of my birth, which is just a fancy way of saying that it was my birthday. I always look back on the past year on this day and my eyes filled with tears as I thought of this last year.
There have been blessings. So many blessings! I became an Aunt to 2 more children, and that is one of the greatest joys in my life; to be an Aunt. I thank God that I can play that role in the lives of 5 children, and hopefully more one day, if the Lord chooses to bless with more. I have been healthy, which is something I have taken for granted too often in life. I thank God for the health He has granted me in my life, and pray that He continues to do so, but it is my prayer that I will never cease to praise Him no matter what comes my way. I celebrated working at Redline for 6 years this year, and I am just so thankful that this job came my way when it did. God was in control!
I think it would true to say that I have grown more in my walk with Christ this last year than ever before. There is a very dangerous rut one can fall into when we live our walk with God in a mediocre way, and I was stuck in that rut for many years, which shames me to the core. I rejoice in the fact that God forgives us of our sins when we repent and turn from them! This past year I have claimed the victory over sins that I have fought with for many, many years. To God be the Glory, Honor, and Praise! I rejoice in the assurance that I have been delivered, and that through what Christ did for me on the cross I can claim the victory through faith! Oh how sweet it is to walk with my Savior.
This past year I said goodbye to my dear grandma. My last grandparent. It brings tears to my eyes just writing that. I miss her so much, but God has been so faithful during the grief and the hard days. I have lost all 3 of my grandparents in the last 4 years (one died before I ever had the honor of meeting him). When my grandma passed away in May I found myself asking God why I had to grieve and experience death so much, but He has been faithful. I thank Him for how He undertakes for us when it seems things are too hard to bear.
A reoccurring theme in this last year is that God never left me. He showed Himself true to me in the good times, and the tough times. It is my greatest desire, and prayer that I will learn to look at the hard times with joy, for it is in these times that we are reminded that we need not, and cannot do things on our own. It is then that God can fully show Himself to us. May I live in a way that I lean on Him always in both the good and difficult times.


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