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So, I have failed big time. It has been over a week since I last wrote. I have fallen into a rut of old blogging habits, and for that I apologize! This post is going to cover all the little things I didn’t blog about due to life happening. I still haven’t done a Christmas post, which is pretty pathetic. After new years my grandmother passed away, so life has been in a bit of a jumble. I feel like I am now finally back to real life.

Christmas was a wonderful time with family and friends. If I ever had a relaxing Christmas break it was this year. I was so ready for it to start, and I was just as ready for it to end; there is something to be said about routine. Oh how I love routine. My parents went all out this Christmas in the gift department. WOW. It was almost too much awesome to handle. I got a Kelly Moore 2 Sues camera bag.  I very jokingly told my mom this is what I wanted when she asked me what I would love, but would never buy for myself. I never in a million years thought they would actually get it for me. My parents have always been the awesomest, but this took it to a whole new level. 😉 Not only did I receive the bag, but I also got a great new teapot, some winter shoes, and my dad got me a sweater. I got some other little things like chocolate and such. I love my parents, and the gifts I receive from them does not make the love better or worse, rather it reminds me that I have been so blessed in life, and my parents are one of the greatest blessings.

Now on to work. Work is very routine like lately. I went through some challenges right before the new year with new stuff at work, and now I have settled in again and it has all become normal again. I prefer doing my job well, and so I am happy all the kinks have been smoothed out again.

Sometimes when I feel like my brain needs a workout I decide to start learning something new. Last year I slowly starting reading a Ruby on Rails programming book, and lately I have been working through some of the stuff I learned and am still currently learning. I quickly discovered that I should probably refresh my (limited) knowledge of PHP as well. So I have been learning new things. It’s enjoyable, and maybe it will come in handy someday.

Healthy living is tough in this world. I have been continuing to do so to the best of my abilities. Last year was really successful, and I am hoping this year will be the same. I have actually not been going to the gym a whole lot this year, but I haven’t been skipping workouts. We have a great treadmill at home, so I have been jogging at home. I also have a spin bike, and some weight stuff, so I can get a great workout in at home. Going to the gym helps because it makes me go and do the workout after work everyday, but so far I have been consistent at home. I do miss the elliptical trainer though, so I have been going to use the one at the gym a few mornings a week as well.  I am excited for spring/summer/fall; having the option to walk/jog/run outdoors is always nice.

Enough of my rambling. Thanks to the few that visit my blog. My views have actually been going up a lot, but comments are still pretty low. Shoot me a comment if you stop by!




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  1. What is PHP? And so jealous that you got tht awesome bag! Also, you are always an inspiration for me to get my butt in gear and go work out!

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