New Look, and New Beginnings

Well, if you have visited here in the past you will notice that I have changed things up a bit. I was ready for a new look, and new inspirations to keep blogging regularly. Lately my posts have been, well, sporadic.

With the new look I have also given myself a challenge. Blog more. Doesn’t sound very challenging? It is. I love checking the blogs I follow, and I am genuinely excited when I see they have a new post. I think blogging is a very interesting concept. I am literally letting you guys into my brain with every new post I put out.

I am hoping to journal and take some step by step photos of the DIY’s that I do. I will be posting more regularly, and with that will come more everyday photos.  I will be continuing my monthly updates, as these are a record for me to look back on, and they are important to me, even if all I write about are the three munchkins, or the amount of snow we got; that is my life. I will also be continuing my devotional journal writings. I love my heavenly Father, and a blog without the thoughts He puts in my trust is a blog without who I truly am. Without Him I am nothing, and I owe everything to Him!

With that I am going to sign off for the day. Take care of yourselves and those around you!


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