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No, this is not a post about the Jason Derulo song. I decided to do a general update on the last few months, and just write about whatever. I know that there are a few people that come here from time to time to see if I’m still alive, and what I’m up to.

As per a few of my previous entries, there have been a few rough spots in the last few months. A young girl that I had the privilege to mentor, and be a friend for,  passed away. It was sudden for me, and I still think about it daily. Her and I shared a special connection, and the time I spent with her was often a time of progress and personal growth for both of us.  I had the honour of speaking with her parents. I shared with them what my relationship with their daughter had been, and I was happy to maybe grant them a little bit of closure. This whole experience has been one of sadness, and it has not been easy, but I do not regret making myself available to her to begin with. It was an opportunity that I was given, and did my best to make it beneficial for her, and yet, I think I learned just as much as she did; probably more.

I have this overwhelming desire to write “I bought an awesome new camera” over and over and over again. I am pretty much very excited about it. It was a chunk of money that I had to hand over, but I think (with the help, and encouragement from others) that it may end up being a good investment. Some awesome surprise early birthday money also helped relieve some of the financial dilemmas I was freaking out about. Overall I am really happy about it, and I hope that I can do well with it. I am feeling good about it, and I am eager and excited to learn everything that will come with this adventure. I will be posting a separate blog about it when it arrives, in all it’s beauty.

The cold season is approaching and with that comes the invitation to feel depressed. I don’t hate winter, I really don’t. I think the trigger for the dark feelings come simply because it is dark all the time :). I leave for work when it’s dark, and it’s getting dark when I drive home from work. Oh the joys of living way north in Canada, the land of hockey, polar bears, and igloos.  As far as snow is concerned; it’s a love-hate relationship. I like it, but the mornings that I am greeted by a foot of snow on my Jeep… those are the mornings I am not very in love with the whole idea.  One thing I am excited about is the northern lights that come out on the (very) cold, clear nights. I am hoping to maybe get some good shots of them.

I feel like I am in grade 2 again. My grammar and sentence structure in this blog post leaves something to be desired. Please forgive me.

I think that will be all for tonight.

I bought an awesome new camera. I bought an awesome new camera. I bought an awesome new camera. I bought an awesome new camera. I bought an awesome new camera. I bought an awesome new camera….


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